King’s Lynn, July 2018

I didn’t get a very good start in Heat 1, the track was very wet and I was trying to get to grips with the car on the track, after a couple of laps I was much more on the pace. My steering became really hard throughout the race, I went into one bend and could hardly turn the car. I spun going into turn 1 and carried on going but I was a lap down. I actually finished the race with ninth which I was very surprised with considering I was a lap down and was struggling with the steering! I have qualified for the Final so I am very happy.

Just wanted to say that I am very proud of Frankie and Karl for qualifying for the World Final, Karl getting 5th and Frankie getting 8th! Really gutted for Danny as he had car problems early on, but I’m sure he’ll kill it in the last chance!

The Final was a very busy race. I got a good start but the reds soon caught up and I ended up at the front of the train and straight into the fence! I carried on and finished but without a place. But my car felt really quick and I thoroughly enjoyed the race so I had a big smile when I pulled off.

The National was chaotic. I got a really good start and was at the front of the blues for a couple laps, but the superstars caught up fast and again I ended up at the front of a train and straight into the fence! My car came out of gear and it took me a while to get it back in, but I managed to rejoin on the same lap, I think.

After that I was flying, I don’t like blowing my own trumpet but I was keeping up with Daniel and everything!!! I was loving it, I went to pass a red top but he clipped the fence and drove into my front outside tyre causing it to go flat, then it all went downhill. A few of us went into turn 3 with me closest to the fence, obviously, and I hit the fence backwards… bloody hell that hurt! I was winded but I just wanted to finish the race. I put my car in gear and I completed the last lap.

I was so happy that I finished considering I nearly died twice!!

Absolutely thrilled with how my car has gone and I cannot wait to race on shale again!

Some great results for Dad too! A second in Heat 1, third in the Final, and fifth in the National.

Despite Danny’s bad luck in the Semi Final, his night improved with a decent result in the Consolation with a great drive for third place.. I hope his luck changes soon.

Next week Me & Dad are at Birmingham for our Semi Final, keep your fingers crossed for us please!