King’s Lynn, October 2018

I was really looking forward to King’s Lynn as the racing there is always fast and action packed and I really enjoy racing there!

I was lined up on the front row outside for Heat 1, I was thinking who could be on the inside, and then John Lund pulled up next to me! I have raced with Lundy before at Coventry but it’s still exciting to start next to a legend!

Usually you get quite a good grip on the outside but the track was quite wet so it was a bit of a slow start. The race was so fast and my car felt awesome! I actually hit the fence twice and hit 2 parked cars, one being my dad who went on to win! I managed to finish in 8th! I was absolutely thrilled, I have qualified for the Final and I was so happy!

I didn’t get much of a chance in the Final, I got a good start but then another blue top hit my nerf rail and drove up the side of my car. We both went onto the infield, still tangled up, managed to get free from each other and rejoined the race. By this point we were both at the very back of the pack and didn’t have much chance. I finished the race but without a place.

I was hoping for a bit more luck in the National but again didn’t get a good start! On the first bend there was a train of blues who all hit the fence and I happened to be at the front! It gave me an instant headache and actually really bloody hurt but I carried on. A couple of laps later there was a really wet patch on the inside going down the back straight, I had a car on the outside of me so had to go through the wet patch. I couldn’t turn and went straight onto the infield, I managed to rejoin again and finished but without a place again! However, the remaining laps that I did, my car was so fast! I was keeping up with some really quick drivers and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Now we’ve all got a busy week getting 7 cars ready for Birmingham/Northampton weekend!


Thanks Colin Casserley and Jordan Cooper for the photos.