King’s Lynn, Skegness, Belle Vue, May 2017

Saturday 27th May took us to King’s Lynn with the F1s.

It was another average meeting for the team. A combination of car problems and some bad luck thrown in didn’t give us the results we wished for.

In young Frank’s first race he missed out by one place to qualify for the Final. A great start in the Consolation until getting hooked up with a yellow top. He lost a lot of ground but carried on, and he managed just to sneak into the Final with 12th place.

But he struggled in the Final due to brake issues, so a DNF. His National was short lived after tangling up and retiring with a flat.

FWJ’s heat went better, finishing with a decent third. He was going good in the final before getting a flat tyre, so a DNF for him too. He got spun in the National, but managed to finish the race in ninth.

Danny suffered a flat tyre in his first race. He got going well in the Consolation, finishing in fourth place. In the Final he got tangled up but managed to finish eleventh. Things went a bit smoother for him in the Grand National with another fourth.

The 212 transporter leaves for home after the meeting, but we are travelling to Skeg for Phoebe’s V8 meetings on Sunday and Monday.

It was the Best Pairs Championship weekend and Phoebe was teamed up with Sam Roper 333. Her results were consistent on both days. Her car didn’t feel quite right and she struggled with brakes. She had a fifth in Heat 1, seventh in Heat 2, fifth in the Final, and sixth in the National.

FWJ & Ted set off after the meeting, leaving me, Phoebe, and Karl there for the Monday meeting.

Closer inspection on Monday revealed the problems with Phobe’s brakes so we addressed that with the help of Neil Stuchbury and Micheal Boswell. Her car felt a lot better after that and she finished with 3 fifths and an eighth.

Sam didn’t manage to finish a race, but despite this they finished in sixth place in best pairs.

Meanwhile at Belle Vue, FWJ was in Heat 1 and qualified with a fourth. Danny was in same race and ended up with a tractor tyre on his bonnet, bending the wing, bonnet, fan & radiator. He retired, but bounced back to take a win in the Consolation.

Ted was in Heat 2. He drove well despite having a smashed back caliper, and he qualified with an eighth place.

FWJ was going well in the final crossing the line in fourth.

Ted got a great start, got through the blues before getting spun by 225. He got going again finishing in 12th, and I have to mention he was the third quickest car in the Final 😉

Danny finished one place behind FWJ in the Final with a fifth.

Just the National to roll, and another good result for FWJ, finished with a third. Ted was the back blue but he got through them all in his first lap. He was passed by a few superstars but stayed with them and finished with a great fifth place, just ahead of Danny who was sixth.

So a better meeting for the boys at Belle Vue, and some good consistent results for Pheebs too!

See you at Sheffield.


Big thanks to Colin Casserley, Dave Wallis, Jonny Goss, Jordan Cooper, and Paul Greenwood for the pics.