Northampton Euro weekend


R.I.P. Dave Leonard. He will be missed by all of us.

Just FWJ and Frank at Northampton, and both were in Heat 1, which was the Trust Fund race for red tops.

FWJ started right at the back, and passed the line fourth.

Young Frank didn’t get off to a great start. He struggled to get back in line, he finished in about 13th place, which put him in the Consolation.

This actually worked out well for him, as he went on to take the chequered, his first win from red grade.

In the final, it was FWJ’s turn to shine, as he took his seventh final win on the season, with Young Frank finishing ninth.

FWJ started from the lap handicap in the Grand Nationl. He didn’t make up much ground, and failed to finish in the top ten, as did Frank.

The first race on Sunday was the European Championship. Young Frank went out to line up, and then we found that the 515 car wouldn’t start! A quick battery change and he was out on track.

FWJ got off to a good start, until tangling with Rob 318. Shortly after that, the MSD box packed up so an early retirement.

Meanwhile, 555 got fired in on the first corner, and nearly rolled! But he managed to carry on and finish the race.

They were both in Heat 1. FWJ did better in this one, with a second place behind Michael 12, and young Frank not far behind him, in fifth place.

On to the Final. Young Frank had a good race and finished in tenth. Speaky 318 decided to follow Frank in, but 515 followed him back out and carried on,but further into the race he retired due to half shaft failure.

A good race for them both in the Grand National, with decent results:- 515 with a 4th and 555 with a 7th.

Danny was racing at Texel this weekend. First time here for Danny. He managed a 9th and 5th in his heats.

On the second day he finished his heat in sixth place but suffered a flat tyre in the final.

A long journey and tiring but great fun was had by all and they are keen to return! Thank you all who helped with hospitality.


Thanks to Paul Greenwood and Dave Wallis for the pics from Northampton, and Stu Currall for the pics from Texel.

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