Our Easter weekend

Good Friday – Skegness


Danny at Skegness [Marvin Hall photo]

We were pretty pleased with FWJ’s results because the tar car had barely had any prep at all, we just didn’t have time. We struggled a little in the heats as our tyres were pretty worn. We got 7th in Heat 2 and 7th in Heat 3.

We saved the better tyre we had for the final, where we finished 4th. Even better with a second place in the Grand National. The car felt good and pretty fast, so happy enough.

Danny had a mixed bag meeting. He managed some decent places: 6th in Heat 1, 9th in Heat 2, 12th in the Final followed by his best result of 4th in the National.

Young Frank was kindly loaned Derek Brown’s car. We only just made it out for practice but we’re grateful for the 5 laps he got. In his first race he finished in 12th, and he finished his 2nd race too.

In the final Jon Horne 19 bounced out in front of him and 555 hit him hard. He then retired to the infield as the bumper was touching the tyre. We managed to fix the damage to get him out for the national where he got 12th.

Easter Saturday – Stoke


Phoebe at Stoke [Martin Fitzgerald photo]

We were late leaving for Stoke. When we started Phoebe’s V8 up we discovered it had low oil pressure. This took a bit of time to sort out. We were just about to load up when we found an oil leak due to damaging the oil pump gasket, so that needed sorting out too.

It was pretty busy when we finally arrived at Stoke. Phoebe had missed her first race, which we weren’t that bothered about when we saw the very wet and muddy conditions. Barely a car was recognisable. Phoebe’s night didn’t really get any better, but when she was going she looked quick.

Danny was in Heat 1, where he finished a good second. FWJ & young Frank were both in Heat 2. 515 managed to catch race leader Nigel Green and push him wide to go on and take the win. Young Un finished in 11th, just missing out on a place in the final. He had to go in the consolation where he qualified for the final with a 8th place.

The final was next. Danny and young Frank didn’t make the top 10, but FWJ managed third place. Phoebe’s boyfriend Karl Hawkins 175 won his first F1 final, so that was good!

Just the National to go, and FWJ wins his 2nd race of the evening. Danny fares better with sixth place, and young Frank finishes 11th.

A challenging meeting due to the conditions, but our thanks to fans/supporters for not giving up and tolerating the terrible weather.

Easter Sunday – chilling at home!


Taking it easy on Easter Sunday!


Easter Monday – Belle Vue


Frankie in the GN at Belle Vue [Colin Casserley photo]

Once again we were late setting off, this time it was just sheer volume of work. We arrived at 3.15pm, just as first race had lined up.

FWJ was in heat 1. Track conditions were slippy, and the car was a bit of handful in the first race due to us trying new set ups, but he somehow managed to win!

Danny and young Frank were out in Heat 2. JJ got fired into a parked car, then another car ran into the back of him. He needed towing off due to back arm damage and caliper damage. Danny drove a mint race and got second.

The Consolation, and JJ was getting better and quicker with every lap. The race closed up with a few running together. He was in 5th place but got caught up trying pass. A small visit to the wires ended his hopes for a place in the final.

A great start in the final, the yellow tops were mega fast again. FWJ managed to pass all but one, Bobby Griffin. With 2 to go FWJ got a flat tyre. On the last lap, Bobby got caught up with a load of dead cars and Frank picked his way through the carnage, only just making it over the line with Dan Johnson coming up fast behind. FWJ takes the final… just!

Danny was amongst the cars piled up and didn’t finish.

Just the National to go and young Frank was driving great, but Speaky was hot on his tail and 555 got spun out. He recovered well and carried on and finished in ninth place. From the hanicap, FWJ caught the pack passed the superstars and got into second, but Dan #4 saw his chance and deposited Frank into the loose stuff. Frank finished 10th, and Danny had his own battles and finished fifth.


Rain in the pits at Stoke [Martin Fitzgerald photo]


FWJ on track at St ke [Martin Fitzgerald photo]


Lining up with Speaky [Martin Fitzgerald photo]



Heat winner at Stoke [Martin Fitzgerald photo]


Before it got dirty! [Marvin Hall photo]


Danny at speed at Belle Vue [Martin Fitzgerald photo]


Young Frank getting to grips with wet shale [Martin Fitzgerald photo]


Great shot of Frankie from the onboard camera [Martin Fitzgerald photo]