Phoebe at Belle Vue, May 2018

Well, this Belle Vue was much different from the last, IT IS BOILING HOT and I do not know how I am going to cope in my fire proofs and overalls! However, it was a nice change from the last Belle Vue and I have some decent tan lines on my back.

This was my first meeting from blue so I am excited and a little bit nervous, I know from experience when I was blue in the V8s that it is a very hard grade to go from. But I am very proud of myself to have gotten to blue and I’m excited to show off my new wing!

I was in Heat 2 as Heat 1 was the Whites and Yellows race and I can no longer participate in that. I line up on track on the front row, inside. I got a really good start and kept with the blues for a while, catching and passing some yellow tops. I had a really good race and thoroughly enjoyed it! I finished in 7th place, qualifying for the final. I was extremely happy with seventh as this was my first race from blue and I wasn’t expecting to do that well!

It’s always good to meet the fans – this is Zarah Bailey.

I line up again on the front row inside for Heat 3. On the first bend a blue top hit me into another blue top and we got tangled up, we were tangled for the whole straight, I was trying to get my bumper off his and eventually I did, we both managed to get going again. I think I did a lap and a white top spun me out and climbed over the top of me. I tried very hard to join the race again but the white top’s front bumper was pretty much in my cab 3 inches from my face! I remember touching it, it was that close! They had to stop the race to pull the white top off of me and that was the end of my race unfortunately.

I started again on the front row inside for the Final. I got a really good start and was keeping up with the guys at the front. I think a red top hit me going into turn 1, this sent me into the really wet shale and I hit the fence backwards. I started my car again and was waiting for a space to appear for me to re-join the race for about 6 laps. The yellow flags came out for another car so I re-joined the race on the yellow flags at the back. The rest of the race was really fun and I was having a really good race with some other drivers. I finished the final in 11th which I was very, very happy with, considering that I was in the fence for a few laps!

Karl didn’t have much luck.

I started the National at the back of the blues and again I got a good start. Another red top hit me coming into turn 1 and I hit the wet stuff just like I did in the Final, and hit the fence backwards. I was there for a couple of laps before spotting a gap to re-join the race. I re-joined and had good speed, I was having good races with everyone and I think I finished in 13th which I was happy with considering I was in the fence for a couple of laps.

I am very pleased with the results at Belle Vue, it was my first meeting from blue and I wasn’t expecting to get such good places!

I just want to say that the staff at Belle Vue, they did an awesome job of keeping the track nice and wet on such a hot day and it not getting too dusty, so my hats off to you!

I also want to say a massive thank you to all of the team who helped us all out during the meeting – Sean, Binsi, Lee, Rus, James and Norm.

I am very excited to be racing at Skegness double header next weekend!


Ted didn’t have much luck, either.

But Dad did alright! Big thanks to Dave Murray for this photo (the cheque is in the post, honest!)

Thanks to Dave Pyke, Colin Casserley, James Bowles, and Dave Murray for the photos.