Phoebe at Sheffield, April 2018.

Rain on the parade lap didn’t stop me smiling.

This is my first meeting at Sheffield in the F1. I’ve raced here in the V8 and loved it but I know it’ll be very different in the F1 and I know I’ll be coming home with some damage!

I managed to get a really good start in Heat 1 and was first out of the yellow tops for a couple of laps, the car felt good and I was enjoying it. I think I was in around sixth or seventh when a white top spun straight in front of me, I had no where to go and hooked onto him. I managed to get going again and finished the race in ninth place.

Heat 2 wasn’t so good, the blue tops were straight on me and I pretty much went to the back of the grid very quickly. Sheffield is a very very hard track, if you move wide for someone just a little too much you will hit the post and wires! So I was very careful to move out of the way of quicker cars just enough so that I didn’t catch a post. I finished the race but don’t think I got a place.

Got hooked up with Kelvin.

I went out for the Final and the car felt good, I was really enjoying it! A faster car was coming up behind me and I went to move wide for them, unfortunately I moved a little too wide! The shale dragged me in and my back bumper clipped a post. This tore my back bumper off… this wasn’t due to our welding, it was the bumper which was on the car when we bought it. I got damage to my front bumper too so this ended my race as you aren’t allowed to continue with a bumper hanging off! Oh and it actually bloody hurt too!

I didn’t go out for the National due to the amount of damage for the Final. To be honest I was happy to have gone out for 3 races as I know what Sheffield is like and I thought my car would have been written off in Heat 1!

We’ve got a lot of work to do to fix the damage ready for King’s Lynn on Saturday.

I can’t wait to race again at Sheffield and see how I get on next time!


Thanks for the photos…. Colin Casserley, Paul Tully, Jordan Cooper, James Bowles, Carl Hesketh.

Getting some last minute advice from my Dad.

Can’t wait until next time!

Me and Dad, taken from the onboard camera on Russell Cooper’s car.


A bit of work to do before King’s Lynn next week.

And a bit more work to do!