Phoebe’s April re-cap

Going up in the world!

I just wanted to do a quick re-cap over the last few meetings as I haven’t done any reports!

I had a really good meeting at Mildenhall on 6th April with an 8th in my heat and 6th in the National! I didn’t finish the final as I got tangled up with another driver but was really happy with the meeting in general.

Sheffield (14th April) was just how I’d expect it to go, no places and a shit load of damage! Have you really raced at Sheffield if you come away with no damage? I got 10th in my heat meaning that I was in the consolation as only 8 went through to the final, Danny took me out in the consolation and broke my steering arm meaning that I wasn’t in the meeting final! And to top it all off, Dad put me in the fence in the National and broke my steering arm again! So everyone that accuses us of team racing is deluded!

Skegness (19th April) was an awful meeting. We really struggled all night to get my car going right and still didn’t get it there. It felt okay and quite quick in practice but in heat one I just wasn’t going anywhere! I was struggling all meeting with a misfire and the car pushing really bad so we really just spent most of the meeting trying to sort all that out but didn’t get any good places.

Stoke (20th April) was quite a fun meeting! In my heat I was in the lead after about 4 laps and my car felt super quick! I passed a back marker who had a flat tyre and decided to pull onto the infield as I was coming up the inside of him, he put me straight into a marker tyre sending me flying into the air and that was the end of that race for me! The rest of the meeting was super unlucky, getting a flat tyre in both the final and national, when will I get some luck?!

Belle Vue (22nd April) In heat 1 I managed a decent 10th place but my steering felt really lose, I felt like it was just too easy to steer and I struggled to keep the wheel straight going down the straights as it wanted to wander! We kept adjusting the caster after each race but nothing seemed to help with the steering (after looking at the car back home in the garage, it turns out that my front inside kingpin had broken completely in half which explains everything!) I then got 10th again in heat 2 and 9th in the final so pretty decent and consistent results considering I was struggling to keep the car in a straight line!

Kings Lynn (27th April) was such a good meeting and one that I needed as I was starting to get fed up of rubbish results!

I was going really well in heat 1 until a few laps in when a car rolled right in front of my car, I was already kind of attached to his bumper and as he went over I drove up with him! The race was stopped but I was allowed to carry on as the stoppage wasn’t for me and was for the car that rolled over, so I was at the very back of the grid for the re-start! When the race started again I passed the car in front of me who then followed me into the fence, I came straight back out behind him and followed him back into the fence exactly the same place where he put me in. I then carried on and managed to finish 10th meaning that I qualified for the final!

I had no power steering in the final so when it dried out I started to struggle, I could feel my arms starting to get tired when the halfway flag came out. Even though I was struggling to get the car round the bends, it still felt really fast and I finished the race in 7th!! Really pleased with that results!

I had such a good start in the National and was actually up to 5th after a few laps. There was a yellow flag and it started to rain so on the re-start the track was soaked. On the re-start the car behind me tangled with my back bumper and took us both to the fence, we then got collected by another car which ripped my front inside shocker off meaning that I had to pull onto the infield and couldn’t carry on.

Bit of a mixed batch of results so hoping for a few more better meetings soon!