Phoebe’s Spring Bank Monday

It didn’t stay this clean for long!

I got a good start in Heat 1 and the car felt really good, the track was heavily watered which caused for some great racing and battles! I was well in the places when a lower grader drove into the side of me and climbed all over the front of my car, this ripped my shocker off and ripped my front inside brake pipe out. I tried to carry on, not realising what damage I had, however I soon had to pull into the infield as I had no brakes.

We just managed to fix my car ready for the Consolation so thanks team!

The Consolation was great! I got a really good start and a few laps in I was in third place. I was keeping with the top 2 and knew that I was going well. There was a yellow flag and by that point I was in about fifth. When the race carried on only a couple of cars passed me so I finished in seventh which was very pleased with!

Dad got second in the Consolation and fourth in the Grand National.

I didn’t last very long in the Final at all! I think I only did maybe two or three laps when I got put into the fence down the straight. My car cut out and wouldn’t start up again. Because I was down the straight in quite a dangerous place, the race was stopped so that I could pull into the middle.

When I got back into the pits, my car still wouldn’t fire up. I was annoyed because me, Karl and Dan, well mostly Karl and Dan, put a lot of effort during the week into re-wiring my car and putting an alternator on so that it would stop cutting out and would fire up straight away. Dad had a look and it turned out that the battery had actually died! We put a new battery on and it started straight away. Hopefully that will be the end of my car cutting out now!

Family portrait, with Paul Hines photoboming!

The National was probably the most chaotic race I have ever been in! I didn’t get a place but I did finish, which I was pleased with considering how many times everyone got tangled and put into the fence. However, I was well on the pace. I was behind the leader Dan Johnson on the re-start, I was a lap down, and when he set off from the rolling lap I set off and second place couldn’t catch me. I did pull out of the way for everyone once they caught me as I was a lap down and didn’t want to mess anyone up.

When I got back to the pits I had a lot of people compliment me on how well I drove in the National which is always nice and always boosts your confidence!

Now for Buxton new week… tarmac again!


Ted got fourth in the Consolation and tenth in the Final.

Thanks Jordan Cooper and Paul Greenwood for the photos.