Scotland 2018

Getting photobombed by Ted!

Really excited to race at Scotland this weekend as I have never raced here before in anything! Plus we have our old truck back and it is so nice to actually have our own space!

Went out for practise at Cowdenbeath and it was so much fun, probably the weirdest track I have ever gone around but still fun and very, very fast!

I went out for Heat 1 and the car felt okay. It was pushing a little bit so I was losing ground on everyone else. I managed to finish in 9th or 10th, I can’t quite remember, which meant I qualified for the Final!

The Final didn’t go to plan. At. All. On the first bend there was a bit of a train and I went straight into the fence with some other blues and reds. Bloody hell did that hurt. I remember shaking my head to try and bring myself back around. Unfortunately that was the end of my race as another driver had hooked on me and we couldn’t separate. We managed to get to safety in the infield though!

Karl’s win in Heat 1 at Cowdenbeath was the best result of the weekend.

After the race Danny pulled up bedside me to ask if I was okay, he got straight out of his car to see me. He said he was right behind it so saw how hard I hit the fence. He told me to get out of the car and go back to the truck, he made sure to tell me not to look at the car and the damage the crash has caused… obviously I looked! Everything was bent and I knew it wasn’t good.

Too much damage to fix for the National so that was my racing over for the day! Feeling very sore I had quite an early night ready for Lochgelly the next day.

We had a lot of damage to fix ready for Lochgelly on everyone’s cars! Thanks to the team for helping get mine ready because the damage was quite substantial!

I went out for practise and it felt really really fast. I was quite confident for my heats after how good the car felt and dad and Karl both said I looked really quick!

I really struggled however in my heat, the car was pushing horrifically and I couldn’t really get it around right. I couldn’t go into the bends as fast as I would have liked because the car wasn’t stopping or turning properly.. it was a bit of a car crash really! I didn’t qualify meaning that I was in the Consolation.

The car wasn’t much better in the Consolation. We tried altering the brakes and tyres to stop the car pushing but it didn’t make any difference! It was really hard to get around and I was well off pace! Luckily I actually qualified for the Final so at least I managed that!

The car seemed to push more and more each race, I was truly struggling to get around in the Final, I almost pulled off at one point but wanted to continue as I do not like giving up! I finished but without a place.

The National, and by this point I’d had enough really. The car was still pushing really really bad.. actually even worse than it was in the Final! Again I finished but without a place.

Just want to say a massive thank you to Dean Whitwell for letting me borrow (and damage) his car! I promise I will fix it all for you!

And big up to the Big Rolling Turd (our truck) for getting us all the way to Scotland and back after being stood for 18 months! Very pleased to have you back!

Not the best results for me at all but enjoyed the experience and cannot wait to race there again!


Molly and Paige came to say hello.

Big thanks as always to Colin, Paul, and James for the photos.