Sheffield 10th April 2016


Danny and young Frank were both out in Heat 1. Dan got going well and finished a with a decent fourth place, this turned out to be his best result of the afternoon.

Young Frank was a bit steady off the start, he got going quicker as the race progressed. He finished the race but didn’t do enough to qualify for the final.

FWJ was in Heat 2. A decent start to the race and picking up some good ground until… the roll over! He managed to land on all fours and drive onto the infield.

A bit of a rush job in the pits to get the 515 car back out, along with young Frank for the Consolation. We were kindly loaned the use of Nigel Harrhy’s aerofoil, as he had loaded up with car trouble. A quick swap amongst other things and we were back out on track..

The car didn’t go too bad considering, and FWJ finished in 3rd and 555 qualified too with a 10th place.

So all three had made the final. Danny’s race came to a finish due to his fan belt breaking. 555 and 515 were both going well and then young ‘un half spun and his dad got delayed and lost a lot of ground.

Young Frank was still going strong and in fifth place with 2 to go but 318 caught him up and hit him into the fence, so that was his race over. Fwj persevered and in 12th.

The national wasn’t particularly flash either. Danny didn’t make it back out, 515 and 555 both finished but didn’t make the top 10.

So a pretty poor meeting for all of us. A bit of damage to fix and an new aerofoil required.


Big thanks to Chris Webster and SJ Spode for these photos!