Shoot Out latest

King’s Lynn on Saturday

Hi all.. really sorry that it’s been a while on here, but had a steady weekend for Shoot Out points. I’m 13 behind Tom the leader now.

Phoebe had a good day today and was well on pace. Same with Ted. He had a rough start to the day, going well in his heat battling with Tom but got sucked into the fence just off the pit corner and did a fine job of demolishing a good section of it… ha ha!

Fixed and back at it with places in the other heat and the final and then third in the Grand National.

Good effort on taking the fence down! (Alan White photo)

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the Shoot Out as all 12 Shoot Out drivers have been trialling the American Racer rally tyre to look at this as a control left rear for next year. Hopefully this will get the racing back to been the best contact oval formula around like we used to be ?

I personally think the racing in the Shoot Out so far has been amazing, and I know for a fact a lot of that is down to the tyre taking the pace out of the cars. Here’s hoping we can move forward on this trial and get sorted for next season.


Photos from Major, Colin Casserley, Steve Botham, and Alan White – many thanks.

Phoebe was in the thick of the action at King’s Lynn ….
… and at Sheffield.
Victory in the Consolation at King’s Lynn for Danny.
It’s a team effort!