Skegness 9th/10th July 2016


It had one less shock absorber by the end of the weekend! (Photo: Chris Scarboro)

Back to Skeggy!

On the Saturday, FWJ and Danny were out in Heat 1. Both had good results, with FWJ winning and Danny coming in third.

Young Frank was in Heat 2, but on the third lap the diff broke. We fixed it and he went out in the Consolation. He looked pretty quick in this and exchanged hits with others, and qualified for the final with a 3rd place.

All three had made it to the final. And all three had made the wrong tyre choice!

They struggled to get up in the top results. FWJ finished in 9th, Danny was 11th, and Frank finished somewhere behind Danny.

In the Grand National, the 555 car was pushing on a bit. He managed to finish the race though, and so did FWJ who took seventh place, and Danny finished eleventh.

On to Sunday, and both FWJ and Young Frank are in Heat 1. Frank had a decent result with a seventh earning him a place in the final. FWJ retired from the race early due to blowing up the gearbox.

Danny was in the second heat, and the heavens opened! He drove well under extreme conditions and finished in third.

FWJ with a mended gearbox was in the Consolation, which he won, and so he made it to the final with Danny and Frank.

The final didn’t go too well for Young Frank. He tangled up and ended up with a flat tyre.

FWJ and Danny fared better finishing in fourth and fifth.

So just the National to go after what felt like a very long day. FWJ broke a halfshaft so a non-finish.

Young Frank finished the race, and so did Danny, but only just… He got a last bender from Nigel 445. Danny survived it, and crossed the line backwards in eighth place. His shocker broke off and flew through the air, and landed on the roof of Lee Fairhurst’s bus! Thank goodness nobody was injured.



After the rain…. which cleaned it off a bit! (Photo: Chris Scarboro)


Frankie on track. (Photo: Claire Goodman)