Skegness & Hednesford, May 2017

Double Skeggy for the boys. Nothing fancy for all 3 of them, really. A few top 10 places between them.

Happy enough with the cars but didn’t get the breaks. It was pretty much like this for all three of them all weekend.

FWJ finished in fifth place in the UK Open and Danny was eighth.

Phoebe was racing her V8 at Hednesford on Sunday. It’s a good track for lower graders, and it’s hard work from the back, without a yellow anyway.

In the heats she got fifth and eleventh. She followed this with sixth in the final and fished the day off with a fifth in the Grand National.

She is currently the points leader by a small margin. Check out

We asked for fans to post their photos from Skegness on Facebook and got a massive response! Thanks to Dave Wallis, Ross Willows, Andy Vesely, Jo Howell, Shell Poodles, Tim Okane, Paul Greenwood, Dave Murray, Chantelle Hunt, Martin Downs, Diane Rudd, Scott Topley, Emily Hammond, and Simon Antrobus for sending in their photos. We got so many that we couldn’t use them all, sorry!