Skegness, October 2018

I started on the back outside of the blues for Heat 1, not the best of places as usually you can’t get onto the inside line and all the reds catch you and then you’re straight at the back! So on the rolling lap, I planned to drop back and tuck in behind the back blue so that I was on the inside line straight away and it worked! First bend I hit 2 blue tops wide and passed them, then the next bend I hit 2 yellow tops and passed them and the car felt really fast!

Then someone hit me and my engine cut out. I rolled towards the fence whilst trying to re-start my car, it took a while but eventually it started up and I re-joined the race! I finished but unfortunately without a place so the Consolation it is!

There were a LOT of good drivers in the Consolation so I was a bit worried about not qualifying for the Final. I had an okay race, held my own for a bit but eventually everyone caught and passed me. I had no idea what place I was in! I saw Karl in front of me and realised that I was starting to catch him! Within a few laps I was on his back bumper, I tapped him wide and passed him! I finished in 10th and Karl in 11th meaning that we both qualified for the final.. and that I was quicker than him!

The Final was a really fast and confusing race! I didn’t know what position I was in the whole race, I thought I was really low down, but a few laps in I saw all the superstars in my mirror and realised that I was actually going well! There was a yellow flag and my oil pressure light came on, I revved the engine to see if it would turn off but it didn’t so I decided to pull off.

When I went back to the pits, oil was literally coming out of my sump like a tap! We obviously made the decision not to go out in the National. Luckily the engine will be okay as it lost all the oil in the pits and not on the track! All we need is a new sump and more oil and I should be back out for King’s Lynn next week!


An 8th place in the Consolation was Ted’s only result of the night.

Dad managed 2nd place in his heat, 10th in the Final, and 9th in the GN.

Danny placed 5th in his heat and 10th in the GN, and Karl got 11th in the Consolation, 7th in the Final, and 8th in the GN.

Yet another new bonnet panel, and it needs a new sump now!


Photos from Jordan Cooper and Mum!