Stoke, 2nd April 2017

Phoebe raced at Stoke on Sunday. In her first heat the track was very dry and she battled through, but the car was starting to push on and it soon came clear that the right front tire was going down, so she retired to the infield.

Heat 2 and the track was heavily watered, so a slippy start. She picked her way through well and was battling for the lead but got held up. This dropped her to fifth place but still a good race.

Just the Final to go, where she started off the back of the reds. A great start getting through all the Reds and into the blues.

There was a pile up on the top bend which held her up and she got spun, but she recovered well and managed to set off before going a lap down, and immediately started to catch the pack up.

Another incident elsewhere caused another waved yellow, closing the pack right up. Phoebe was sat in about fifth place but with some great driving and track craft she was up to second and about the length of the straight behind race leader George Riley. She caught him and took the lead just after the half way flag, and by the end of the race had almost half a lap on second place.

A brilliant end to the day, and some good world qualifying points too.


As always, a big thank you to Colin for these superb photos from the meeting.