Team GB vs Hawkes Bay, January 2019

Team GB had a trial teams race against Hawkes Bay on Saturday evening. It was decided Frankie JJ would run along with Bobby Griffin. Bob got tangled and Frankie tried to step in by hitting the opposition’s car, but soon found himself in trouble when he got put up the wall smashing his back calliper off. This put him in block mode rather than runner.

Some words of advice from Dad.

Meanwhile Karl was still going strong, whilst Ben 422GB and Bob 166Gb both got rolled over. Just young Frankie and Karl Hawkins remained, along with two of the Hawkes bay drivers.

Karl, who started off blocking in his undamaged car, was now running and Ted, who was supposed to be running, was now blocking in a heavily damaged car, which shows you have to be ready to adapt depending on what unfolds throughout the race.

Ted managed to get a decent block in on the race leader 1NZ but couldn’t hold him long enough, and Hawkes Bay took the victory.

Back in the pits a team meeting takes place where the lads are told what they didn’t or did do right.. notes taken. The rest of the meeting the lads got used to the cars, but ted missed a heat due to heavy damage.

For Heat 2, 555GB was sent out with no back brake, the best the team could do to get him back out on track. The car didn’t look half bad, considering. Nothing flash results-wise, although Karl looked good and finished in 8th.

Heat 3 and 555GB was a non starter, he pulled off at the start after the gearbox gave up. Karl looked good though, and finished in a credible 3rd place.

Special thanks to Meeanee Speedway staff for a lovely warm welcome and for the fabulous food they generously provided for some very hungry poms at the the end of the meeting.

Also special thanks to Todd O’Donald and his team for their hard work, support and kindness they’ve shown to young Frankie during his visit so far.