The Shoot-Out Finale at Sheffield


The Shoot Out couldn’t have been closer this year!

All sorts went on over the last few meetings, but me and Danny managed to keep going. We suffered with a few car problems but seemed to avoid the battles that were going on amongst various drivers.

The Shoot Out final seemed like a bit of a long shot for me to win it, but me and Danny were both in the top 6 and any of us had a chance of winning.

Danny went out for his heat first. He kept out of bother and finished 5th. Me and young Frank were out for our heat next. I became aware that 555 leading as he took the 4 lap board!

I was battling with Dan Johnson before he got a flat. The young ‘un got a flat inside front tyre and lost time, I passed him taking the win, and he finished in sixth.

After the final just three drivers were capable of winning the Shoot Out. Me, Danny, and Dan Johnson. Me and Dan had to win the race and DJ not finish for it to be a Silsden victory.

It wasn’t meant to be for me and Danny, and #4 took the silver. Congratulations go to DJ and his family/team, well deserved.

Danny ended up with fourth and I dropped back to sixth.

Young Frank’s last race was the Dash For Cash. He had a visit to the fence with 2 others but quickly found reverse and managed to rejoin. He finished in 4th place.

See you at Coventry!


Big thanks to Simon Gleadall for sending in these photos.