World 240 Championship – Rotorua, New Zealand.

FWJ leads Lee Fairhurst and Peter Bengston. (Photo by Graham Hughes)

I drew 26-13-1 grids, meaning I was back car of 26 in first heat so a good start was everything. I managed to do about 15 cars on the first corner, and picked my way through the field. As race went on the track slicked right off, which suited me perfect as it suits my driving. None of the NZ drivers adapt quickly enough to track changes, but my 150 years of experience mean I can adapt fast. I made my way through to sixth place, making up 20 positions, which was probably the drive of the night…!

The second heat I started on grid 13, which is 7 row inside. A good start again, I came out of the first corner in third place, so worked the traffic really well and proceeded to take the win, which put me in second position in the points for the last race.

I started the last race on pole, but I purposely dropped back to third at the start to try keep out of way for a while, which worked really well until 94P managed to find me…. although he was on the infield he took me to the wall, costing me a lap.

He then teamed up with Jack Miers and took me to the wall again, putting me out of the running to win my fourth 240 title.

I managed to finish the race and ended up sixth overall, so still well happy with my night, being the top overseas driver and again in the hunt to win come the last race.

A very big Thank You to Phil Ogle for an awesome car…