World Final 2019

What an amazing experience! I absolutely loved the whole day. It felt like such a long day as there was a lot going on. We had interviews and the pit walk and it was very overwhelming.

I couldn’t believe how many people were asking for photographs and for my autograph! It was really flattering actually. I also still can’t believe the response that I got on my parade lap! I just want to say a massive thank you to every single person who cheered for me, I really didn’t think that I had that many people behind me! It was really surreal to experience that!

The race was quite rough for me, I think I got fenced a few times but I bounced out every time and carried on going! There is onboard footage of the race and you can see how much I am knocked about haha!

I remember saying to myself “Just keep going!” because I really wanted to finish! I finished my first World Final in 13th out of a grid of 36 cars which I still can’t believe.

It was always my dream to get into an F1 World Final so to finish my first one is insane!

I’m so glad that we managed to get some publicity for the sport as I had a piece in the Telegraph and Argus, the Keighley News and ITV Calendar. I really hope that this will boost the sport and I will continue with my best efforts to do this for the sport!


Thanks to Jordan at JC productions for this footage.

Thanks Marvin for the pics!