World Final weekend 2018

Skegness – World Final

I was extremely excited for the Consolation Semi, I just wanted to get out there and see how I did as there were some really good drivers in it this year. When the race started I could tell that my car was set up proper as it felt really fast and handled the bends really nicely. I was keeping up with the leaders and could tell that I was quite high up in the places.

On the last lap I was in 7th, and 6th place was just in front of me, on the last bend I hit him going into the corner and I beat him over the line! I finished in 6th! I was so happy, I felt like I had actually won the race! When I came of track everyone was buzzing and was congratulating me, Dad said it was the best he has ever seen me drive! Now I can relax and look forward to watching the World Final!

The World Final was a great race. My dad finished in 4th, Karl finished in 11th and little Ted finished in 15th! I am so proud of them all. I also want to say a massive congratulations to Stuart Smith for becoming 2018 WORLD CHAMPION! You really really deserve it!

The meeting Final was so fast! I didn’t get the best of starts as most of the reds and superstars passed me quite early on but I finished the race in 12th which I was super happy with!

I was going well in the National until a few laps in. There were a few cars going into turn 3 as I was just going in, one car clipped the back of my bumper and spun me around. My car stalled and I was parked sideways right on turn 3.. I was just waiting for it to hurt haha! I looked out my window down the back straight and a car went straight into the side of me and it actually didn’t hurt one bit!

I think this was because my car took most of the impact because boy did I have some damage! My shocker had snapped in half, my spring had shot half way across the track, my shocker bracket was underneath my car, which is not where it is meant to be! And my front axle and steering arm was bent! So yep, a lot of damage to fix ready for Northampton tomorrow!


I’m excited to race at Northampton to see whether the track had improved since last time or not.

Me and the team crack on with trying to fix the damage on my car and it took a bit longer than we thought it would, I almost missed the European!

I started right at the back of the grid for the European. I was quite happy with this as hopefully I would miss a few pile ups and just pick up a few places. This didn’t really go to plan however, within a few laps there were cars parked everywhere! Going into turn 3 there was a pile up and no where to go, I tried to go up the inside but got a flat back outside tyre in the process, so I had to pull off as I couldn’t really carry on with no back outside!

The Heat was a really hard race. Everyone was really on it and I didn’t really get much chance to do anything! I was going okay and the car felt good, I finished but without a place meaning I’m in the Consolation!

I got a good start in the Consolation, but a car spun out in front of be going into turn 3 and my front outside wheel caught their bumper, but I carried on. I thought I’d gotten away with it until I went into turn 1, went to press my brake pedal and it went straight to the floor!! I hit the fence which gave me a flat tyre and I had to pull off again! The impact of my front outside wheel catching another cars bumper had caused my brake pipe to split meaning I had lost all my brake fluid! No final for me today, but at least I can watch it!

The start of the National was awesome, within the first few laps I was towards the front and was in 4th place! There was then a yellow flag and all the top drivers managed to catch me up. I finished the race just out of the top 12 but really enjoyed it!

My thoughts on the track after this weekend is it wasn’t that much better. It was smoother but needs a lot more work. Also the clay just needs to be taken off of it all together. Like I said before, a clay track will never work over here! On the first few laps it is like an ice rink, everyone hitting the fence and skidding everywhere, then after a few laps it’s so dry and dusty that you can’t see! Hopefully the clay will be gone by the next time we race there!

Can’t wait for some proper shale racing at Kings Lynn this Saturday!


Photos from Piet Dossin, Martin Fitzgerald, Jordan Cooper, Colin Casserley, Paul Tully, Paul Greenwood. Thank you!