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It's good to be back!

It’s good to be back!

Well, the hard work paid off! After few days hard work trying to finish the shale car for Lynn, I have to say I was more than happy with the performance and the looks. The atmosphere and the racing was superb and even though I got tangled up a few times I had some good […]

Ready for King's Lynn

Ready for King’s Lynn

We burned a lot of midnight oil, but the shale car is now ready for the 2019 season. See you at King’s Lynn!

Getting there...

Getting there…

This was 11.15pm on Thursday night. The whole team worked until midnight to try to get the car something like ready for the start of the season. It will be another late one tonight as well. I have a day job to do as well, and that’s usually about 16 hours a day before I […]

Interview with Bryan

Interview with Bryan

Wainman HQ was visited yesterday by internet star Bryan Makinson for a live interview.

Almost ready...

Almost ready…

Since the last update, the shale car has got more nerf rails and less paint. Plenty of time yet…. Frankie

Ready to go...

Ready to go…

Thought I’d give the shale car a bit of a clean and polish ready for the new season… then I remembered that we’d done this! How long until King’s Lynn? Frankie

Billy Whizz

Billy Whizz

It was great to meet Billy Whizz at the Autosport Show today. He’s Billy Monger, the F3 racing driver that lost his legs in a racing accident. He’s awesome – just imagine losing both your legs racing, and then starting racing again!

The 2018 FWJ tar car

The 2018 FWJ tar car

Frankie’s new tarmac car

Phoebe's new car

Phoebe’s new car

New 211 motor

Nearly ready for Scotland

Nearly ready for Scotland

Scotland, here we come!