Question Time

Question Time (Part One)

Earlier in the year, we asked you, the fans, if you had any questions for the team.

A massive thank-you to everyone that sent in a question on Face Book or Stoxnet – we got a big response! So big that this is just the first half…

FWJ: Since you started racing, what changes to our sport do you think have been the most beneficial and which changes, in your opinion, could we have done without?
I think the most beneficial would be the inside rear weight being introduced. This has equalled cars up, whether they be big block or small block. I can’t really think of anything none beneficial. Most changes are done for a good reason.

FWJ: Are you having a new car next season?
No, just a tidy up and fresh paint. I’m quite happy with them at the moment. No time anyway.

FWJ and Danny: Would you put each other in the fence on last bend for the win in the World Final?
FWJ: Yes in any race.
DW: Yes even for a heat.

Phoebe: Is racing V8s this year seen as an apprenticeship towards F1? How long before you’re in an F1?
It’s too soon to say. Will have to see how things go in a V8, but I’m keen to get behind the wheel of an F1.

How will the logistics of running 3 formulae work next season?
No idea! Trial and error, I suppose. Time will tell.

Last year around 150 F1 cars took to the track where as in F2 it was nearer 400. If you could make changes to attract more drivers to F1 what you change?
The main reason for more F2s is because they are physically smaller, so easier and cheaper to transport. F1s are cheaper to run.

Would you like to see fewer but more combined meetings? F1, F2 & Minis, giving the punters and drivers less travelling and fuel expense?
Obviously it would make things easier for our team, but the promoters have a business to run and business is business.

Which other form of motorsport do you fancy having a go at?
Danny would like to have a go in NASCAR and FWJ anything he didn’t have to pay for.

FWJ: What is your typical day length in the workshop?
7.30am – 10.30pm, lunch usually on the go but half hour for tea.

Danny: Did you find your trunks after Scott Davids pulled them off in the hotel pool in Emmen?
Haha! Yes, thanks for your help Matt!

How many scratch-built stock-cars has the whole family put on the tracks over the years?
With a quick guess we’re thinking at least 250.

FWS/FWJ: What’s the oldest car still in your possession, and would you consider putting it into the Heritage series?
FWS: My ’84 car, and yes, when we have time to re-build it.
FWJ: It’s my old down bar car. Although a close friend has my first ever car and which I hope will be seen at my 25th year meeting!

FWS: Are you going to build a replica wedge car?
Yes, on with it at the moment.

Frankie JJ: You’re showing real promise racing the minis; do you find your talent comes naturally?
I don’t know really! I have to work as hard as any other driver, maybe it’s too soon to say, but I would be well happy to have the same success as any other Wainman drivers.

Frankie JJ: Is it nice to go out there with the number 515 on your car as it’s such a famous number?
Yes! I wouldn’t want any other number, I’m very glad I’ve got it!

Sam: Do your nerves get a bit frazzled when the minis and F1s are on together? As you have the children out in one race then husband out in the next?
Only when it’s a big meeting. They have all got used to having a knock or two and I’m confident with the safety of the cars structures.

FWS: Which one of the static caravans actually has the WF winning car in it?
I sold the WF car in 1983 with new spec rollcage. Fitted with a nearly new ex Brent Savage (130) engine. It went North East to Arthur Featherstone (461). Put in a container and never seen since?

Who is your favourite driver to race against?
FWS: Smithy & Lundy.
DW: Has to be Paul Hines. Fast and clean.
PW: Ministox Karl Hawkins, had some good races, never dirty.
FWJJ: Ministox Karl Hawkins and enjoyed racing against Simon Roper 33 too.

What is your most memorable moment?
FWS: Winning the last 40 point maximum meeting and being the first to ever win 69 points maximum after they changed the system.
FWJ: Winning the Long Track 1998.
DW: My Dad getting into the WF in his last year.
PW: Getting third in the WF
FWJJ: Winning a heat at Belle Vue with Phoebe finishing second.

Any plans for another Open Day anytime soon?
Yes, but not sure when.

FWJ: As its your 25th stockcar anniversary this year, who would you like to race against in a past or present race?
Harry Smith, Len Wolfenden, Stuart Smith Snr, Dave Chisholm, Dave Mellor, Chris Elwell, Friedhelm Welters, Rien Rutjens, Ron Kroonder, all drivers racing at present.

Why does Frankie’s NZ car have a gold roof?
No roof colours are required in NZ. I painted it gold for the English fans after winning the 240s three times. It just stopped that colour, but will probably be changed when I need a new wing.

Any plans to make a trip to race on a Dutch dirt track like Sint Maarten’s Dutch Open?
FWJ: Think me and Danny are racing at Blauwhuis later this month.

FWJ: With Andy Smith gone who do you think will be the greatest rival this season in the big races?
Possibly 150, 84 & 55? A few to choose from.

FWS: Would you like to race in a Superstars series for retired stars of the past, for fun or charity?
Not really – too old!

Hope you enjoyed Question Time. The second half will be online next week.